Lake Beulah, lies in Wisconsins Kettle Moraine in the heart of America. It is one of many "sailing fields", in the middle of the country far from the oceans, that are typically associated with sailing and racing. The Nan Norris Memorial Regatta is hosted by the Lake Beulah Yacht Club on the Beulah waters.

Lake Beulah is the center of a magical place, mythically referred to in literature, the Bible, and the BLUES, as Beulahland. It is the Source of the Mississippi. New Orleans, at one end of the Mississippi is the Mouth of the Mississippi, Lake Beulah at the other end is its true and little known Source.

Welcome to the source of the Mississippi!

Lake Beulah is so pure you can drink the water. The soil is so rich you don't even need to grow food. You can eat the dark loamy soil.